Property Management

Our primary focus is the management of property schemes.

CAMALB Properties offers an exceptional and personal service through ongoing training, education and provision of the most technologically advanced systems.

  • Sectional Title Management
  • Home Owners’ Association (HOA)
  • Property Developers Management 

Financial Management

The core of the management is the collection of levies and the payment of various creditors of your Homeowners Association.

The process is very transparent as it caters for Trustees or Directors to log into the system and view information on the system about their community.

Administrative Management

  • The Camalb Community Manager assigned to your scheme will assist and guide the trustees or directors to apply the rules and regulations pertaining to their scheme.
  • Utility management is a major component of managing a complex. We offer a fully comprehensive utility management service with transparent and accurate recoveries of utilities. The services include meter reading, municipal account reconciliations and we also supply prepaid electricity meters and smart meters.
  • Various actions such as work to be done, quotations obtained etc are loaded on the WeConnectU system and the progress can be viewed by Trustees or Directors.
  • One of the most important and challenging functions of administrative management is the collection of arrears contributions. We are registered with the debt collector’s council and manage arrears levies according to the arrears levy policy adopted by the Body Corporate or HOA. Directors or trustees can view outstanding contributions and actions taken to collect arrears on the WeConnectU system.

Physical Management

  • Maintenance and repairs to property is an extremely important part of managing any property.
  • We assist trustees to obtain quotations for work to be carried out from a list of approved contractors that we trust.
  • The responsibility for the quality of work done is not on Camalb, and Trustees need to sign off the work done after they are satisfied with the quality of the work.
Debt collectors certificate
Property practitioners regulatory authority certificate
national association of managing agents certificate