Using Neuro Linguistic Programming in Property Conflict Management


Ronald Reagon once said: “Peace is not the absence of conflict. It is the ability to handle conflict by a peaceful means.” Conflict between people living together is as old as man itself. Not even Adam & Eve could live peacefully with the snake, so how do we expect to live in a shared property […]

7 Biggest Property Investment Challenges

Property investment challenges.

“More money has been made in real estate, than in all industrial investments combined.” These are the wise words of Andrew Carnegie, and very few people can challenge this statement. Over time, investing in property is one of the best decisions you can make. Property investments are undoubtedly a proven pathway to wealth but there […]

Why is my managing agent not doing what they are supposed to do?

Sectional Title Executive Management Agent

Managing Agent vs Executive Management Agent It is not uncommon for owners in a Sectional Title complex to feel disgruntled when it comes to what they are expecting from their managing agent. The sad part is that most owners do not make the effort to study the Sectional Titles Act, nor the Sectional Titles Schemes […]

The Duties and Responsibilities of Trustees in a Sectional Title Scheme

The duties and responsibilities of trustees in a sectional title complex in Alberton

If you do not know what the duties and responsibilities of a Trustee in a Sectional Title Scheme are, you do not have to hide in the cupboard with shame. At Camalb Properties, we find that it is not uncommon for people who buy into a Sectional Title Scheme to have no idea what their […]

Property Management: To outsource or not?

Outsource Property Management

The Hidden Cost of not Outsourcing your Property Management Managing risk, and ensuring your property is developed to a strict time schedule while balancing tight finances, are all within the skillset required of the average property developer in South Africa. You battle the odds on a constant basis. You reach the finish line. Only to […]

The Bare Basics of Sectional Title Management

sectional title management

Sectional Title Management can be really tricky. Especially if you have a day job and are only involved in the management of your complex because you are one of those amazing souls that believe it is important to pull your weight and not leave the management of the complex to someone else who can’t say […]

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