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Camalb Properties is committed to provide you with a property solution to help you grow and management your property in Alberton & surrounding areas, while you focus on creating happy memories & bright futures

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We pride ourselves in a team that is equipped with the highest levels of intellectual capital.  Our skills and dedication to your success, will ensure that you receive the very best property management service imaginable.


Christel Rosslee Venter

Christél Rosslee-Venter

Witfontein Body Corporate
As chairperson of our Body Corporate, I understand how much time the management of a complex can take out of your day.

Time is precious and I do believe that the Camalb team goes out of their way to help trustees to keep their sanity.

I can recommend Camalb 100%!
black couple on a couch sitting together smiling

Gavin & Celeste

New Owners
I can definitely recommend Camalb Properties.
We have received only the very best service from Hennie & his dedicated team.

Go Camalb!
family sitting in the living room on the floor

Hendry Marais

Wildeklawer Estate
I feel passionate about helping out in our Home Owners Association management, but I also own and manage a couple of companies.

Hennie and the Camalb team makes it possible to keep an eye over the management of our Estate, while being able to spend enough time at work and most importantly at home.
Debt collectors certificate
Property practitioners regulatory authority certificate
national association of managing agents certificate