Residential Complex Self-Management Package

Yes, it is possible to manage your Residential Complex on your own, if you have the right management tools at your disposal.

Community schemes, regardless of size, nature, and location, can harness Camalb’s technology and wealth of backup services.

Why use Camalb's Residential Complex Self-Management Package

Camalb’s comprehensive online system empowers clients by allowing them to log in and access a wealth of information, including management reports encompassing budgets, cash books, debtors and creditors analyses, as well as bank account balances and statements. This digital platform further facilitates scheme executives, be they Directors or Trustees, to efficiently approve payments online.

Camalb’s Residential Complex Self-Management Technological Solution proves especially advantageous for: 

  1. community schemes situated in remote areas or
  2. those currently lacking Managing Agent services.
  3. It is equally beneficial for schemes where the executives take a hands-on approach to managing all aspects but seek a partner for specific tasks like issuing levy statements, handling creditor payments, maintaining books, records, and providing access to resulting reports.

It is essential to note that this offering doesn’t include:

  1. Camalb’s physical attendance at meetings or
  2. direct involvement in complaint resolution,
  3. dispute management,
  4. queries,
  5. insurance claims,
  6. maintenance,
  7. compliance, or
  8. human resources.

However, it presents scheme executives with a practical and cost-effective alternative to conventional managing agent services.

Additionally, there is flexibility for negotiating additional services as needed, enhancing the adaptability of this innovative solution to diverse scheme requirements.

What does our Residential Complex Self-Management Package Manage?

  1. Levy collection
    We issue levy statements, by email, monthly, based on the levy schedule and budget uploaded by the scheme executives. Furthermore, all members may log in, online, and retrieve levy statements at any time.
  2. Creditor payments
    Invoices received are imported by Camalb, captured for payment and presented to the scheme executives in an online portal, for the scheme executives to approve. Thereafter, payment is processed by Camalb to the service provider from the nominated bank account.
  1. Bank Account Reconciliation
    The nominated bank account is reconciled daily, and the bank statements are uploaded and available for the scheme executives to peruse and or download. Cash books are kept and available to scheme executives, at any time.
  1. Shared Access to Records and Information
    On the instruction of the scheme executives, certain records and information will be made available, online, to all members. Scheme executives, on the other hand, have access to all information regarding their scheme, including all management reports.
  1. Compliance Dashboard
    A compliance dashboard is available to assist the scheme executives to track the schemes performance against predetermined compliance benchmarks.
  1. Integrated Communications
    Scheme executives may correspond with registered stakeholders, such as members and or Camalb staff, directly from the online system, with no need to change between applications.
  1. Audits
    The appointed auditor may access the system, online, to perform the annual audit. The Auditor needs to submit the annual tax returns.

How does the Residential Complex Self-Mangement Package Work?

  1. Each community scheme is created on our system with a unique identifier. Each member therein is then required to register, online, and receive unique log-in details.

  2. Scheme executives must also register online and are provided with different permissions to that of members (though they may be both) and can access more information and or documents. However, all members will have access to levy statements and any other information that the scheme executives have uploaded, such as minutes, budgets, financial statements, and insurance policies etc.

  3. The scheme executives will upload the budget and the levy schedules, after which daily and monthly accounting processes commence.

  4. As and when Camalb receives invoices for payment, the same is uploaded, captured, and posted to a release batch, which the scheme executives will have permission to release.

  5. Thereafter payment is made to the service provider, provided Camalb administers the trust account, otherwise it is batched for the scheme executives to effect payments. The scheme executives can track these transactions, at any time.

  6. All the financial information required for the annual general meeting may be downloaded by the scheme executives and sent on to the members.

  7. The scheme executives are welcome to produce a pack for their meetings and upload the same for the members to download at their leisure. We can assist to send AGM/SGM Packs

How much does it cost?

The fee for this service offering is paid on a monthly basis, in advance, and regardless of size, location and or nature of the scheme is  per month, excluding VAT, for the 2023/2024 financial year according to the number of units in the community:

1 – 20 units – R2500

21 – 100 units – R5000

100+ Units in Complex: R40 per unit

Additional fees may apply, from time to time, should the scheme executives elect additional services, such as the management of a trust account (recommended) and payroll administration, additional fees may apply.

A standard management agreement is entered into which is automatically renewed annually and is subject to annual CPI based escalations.

Who should consider this offering?

This offering is ideal for those schemes in areas that do not have local managing agents. Due to its online functionality, this offering is available to any scheme, anywhere within the borders of South Africa.

Other schemes that this offering may appeal to, are those where the scheme executives manage every aspect of the scheme’s day to day requirements, and simply require the services of an experienced company to collect the levies, pay the creditors and ensure that the records are kept in accordance with the prevailing acts.

For any queries relating to this service please feel free to contact Hennie Venter at directly.

Debt collectors certificate
Property practitioners regulatory authority certificate
national association of managing agents certificate