Property Management Development

We offer 'gated community' property developers SO MUCH MORE than any other Property Agent

The reason most Residential Property Developers fall short when it comes to their developments is that they don’t have someone with the knowledge and skill to guide them through the post-building phase.

What We Offer:

A dedicated specialist Sectional Title and HOA Attorney to work with you and your Conveyancer to advise you on the legal aspects and documents required for new developments from inception;

Online access to a live portal;

A team of Management Specialists with years of experience in both start-up and on-going management;

Both a Sales and Rental team should you need it!

Included in our package are the following services:

Ensuring that you, as the Developer, have complied with all statutory requirements pertaining to the new Body Corporate or HOA to b formed – this includes drafting a realistic and sustainable budget;

Providing invaluable advice on the practical steps to be taken, and procedures followed on registration of a new developmentor registration of an HOA;

  • Opening utility accounts in the name of the new entity;
  • Assisting with the entire handover procedure
  • Drafting and lodging compliant and ‘made-to-fit’ Conduct Rules for Body Corporates at the Deeds Office and Memorandums of Incorporation for newly formed Companies at CIPC (the Companies Office);
  • Preparation of documentation in accordance with relevant legislation for the inaugural meeting and chairing the meeting;
  • Handing over the scheme to the newly elected Trustees/Directors;
  • Continuing management of the scheme.

All our documentation conforms to the various Acts governing South African property transactions, and although it can be conceived as time consuming to complete, the accuracy of the information provided and the compliant format in which it is presented facilitates a seamless transaction. many more.

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