Property Rentals

Our Property Rental Division has become well-established over the past 30 years, consistently adapting to the ever-evolving rental market. Today, legal compliance forms the cornerstone of any well-managed rental organization, and we have kept pace with these changes.

In this fluctuating market, we are committed to ensuring that your rental property provides a stable and sustainable return. Our rental policies and procedures are deeply rooted, providing our clients with a solid foundation for negotiating successful rental transactions.

We conduct comprehensive evaluations on all prospective lessees and guarantee 100% legal compliance. We offer various rental packages tailored to suit each client’s individual needs, ranging from securing a suitable, properly qualified tenant to providing a fully comprehensive managed rental property service.

Our Property Rental Division collaborates with leading rental-specific Property Professionals. Their services include Credit Checks, Debt Collection, Property Inspections, Garden and Cleaning Services, Prepaid Meter Installations, Handyman Services, Professional Building Contractors, Qualified Plumbers, Electricians, Gas Installers, and many more.

Looking to Rent Out Your Property?​

Why use Camalb Properties:

  1. We have extensive experience in the real estate industry, allowing us to provide expert guidance to clients.
  2. Our diverse property portfolio caters to various needs, offering options for residential, commercial, and investment properties.
  3. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures personalized attention, clear communication, and reliable support throughout the buying or selling process, ensuring a positive experience for clients.

Your Area Agent:

Hennie Venter (CA) SA

Managing Member


  • CA(SA)
  • NQF4 Real Estate 
  • NQF5 Real Estate 
  • Certificate in  Paddocks Sectional Title Management
Debt collectors certificate
Property practitioners regulatory authority certificate
national association of managing agents certificate